Jun 19, 2011

The Week in Review

The week that was. He was arrogant, he lied, no one died, but he's still quite a dick. So he confessed, he said 'sorry' but no one thought for a second that he meant it. Am I talking bout a 4 year old who stole some paints? Nope, US CongressMember Tony Weiner. When the dust finally settled the only take away I learned was that if you're going to whip it out, you might as well do something with it. Rangle and Geithner showed that even if you cheat on your taxes, you can keep your job. Flashing your shlong to a 15 year old gets you fired. Oh, and this was the worst cover up, ever, since, well nothing about this thing was covered up.

Meanwhile, the useless debate about who won or lost a GOP debate sure wasted a lot of people's time - or kept the pundits busy - depending on your point of view. Bachmann 'announced' which was newsworthy, for some reason. Mitt came out ahead by not acting like a loon, until he made a crack about being unemployed too. Good work. I'm unemployed too, but I'm not worth 200 million, jackass. Ron Paul looked like he was the only one who knew what was really going on.

Destro took over Cobra - er - Zawahiri has taken the helm of Al Qaeda. He's doing a bang up job too, he's got Pakistanis arresting everyone who helped the CIA nab the old boss. You'd think he'd be thanking them. I guess being top dog in Al Qaeda doesn't pay much?

Oh, and the 4th shooting war in that the US is engaged in - Libya - is tearing everyone apart... again. Between Congress suing Mr. Obama for not getting approval (hell, even Bush did this) NATO is falling apart over the entire situation. I really don't want to say kind words to Quadaffy, but if he can just hold out through the summer when the British Royal Navy runs out of cash - he'll have outlasted and brought down the West.

JC Penney's hired Apple Store guru Ron Johnson as their new CEO. Guess what, Ron's secret was? It wasn't plaid shirts in the husky boy's section.

LeBron had a worse week than you did. Icarus shouldn't fly that close to the sun in wax Air Jordans.

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