Dec 2, 2010

Whistle Blower WikiLeaks

Latest WikiLeaks Developments

(Reuters) - The White House has set up a special committee to assess the damage from the flood of classified cables released by WikiLeaks and organize efforts to tighten security measures in government agencies.

Here are Thursday's highlights in the unfolding story: Read more ....

Oh oh. A committee and not a Blue Ribbon Panel - must be pretty serious?

But let's be serious for just a second...

"I think you're underestimating how cynical Americans are about our government already. So unless in these WikiLeaks we are going to learn that the aliens from Area 51 killed Kennedy, stop with the drama."

~Jon Stewart, attempting to put at least a tiny pinhole in the gargantuan ego of Julian Assange.

You know what the backlash here is? It's that Assange is a tattle-tale. That's right. The whole planet full of hairless apes, we're still just little kids. And everyone knows what's going on - and they are either a part of it, or chose to ignore it in favor of Hollywood gossip, Bigfoot or Dancing with the Stars. That, or they're much more interested on where their neighbor got that fresh water from.

Everyone, I think we can agree, hates a tattle tale. Whistle blowers are praised for their bravery, but also hated, scorned, shot at, and usually killed - why? Not because their terrible secret will destroy humanity, or the church (Da-Vinchi Code) - it's that they tattled. Trust was given, then when the whistle blower runs and tattles everyone gets upset. No one's sure what to do - yes, having beetle parts in baby formula is bad - but they're pretty sure they don't like rats either. It's the old saying, "Everyone loves sausage. No one wants to know how it's made."

Look at the example of the Pentagon Papers. Yeah, everyone knew that it was an illegal war that was being perpetuated to "Save Face." When the revelations of the Rand Corporation's assessment of the war got out - it wasn't a game changer. People said, yeah, I was pretty sure that's what was going on. Looks like I was right. Oh crap, the mortgage is due tomorrow. And they went right back to watching Laugh-In.

The difference is, this time around, is how accessible Assange has made it for like minded cage rattlers to attempt to get the truth out. The media has already signaled that they're not willing or capable of doing that job, anymore. They've given those labors out long ago. It's not only unprofitable - it pisses off their shareholders, especially when an expose ruins another investment they're tied to. And since there are only six corporations in charge of ALL the [major] American media outlets -- well, if you think that Matt Lauer is a great journalist, maybe you should look for some other sources for your news?

And since the "journalists" of main-stream news won't do it - they still like to pretend they do. That's why everyone's giving face time to folks who call Assanage a traitor, a rapist, a terrorist... Bill O'Riley said that Assanage should be hung up by his neck until he was dead. Really? He's a fellow journalist, Bill? Shouldn't you be praising him for doing a good job - by publishing what you wouldn't? Oh, maybe you're just jealous that he scooped you?

What's going to be interesting now is, What will he do next?

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