Dec 4, 2010

Truth on Senate Floor Sneaks Out

Hot mic picks up discussion on Senate floor: ‘It’s all rigged’

[Source] Excerpt: A hot mic left on during a Senate vote Tuesday morning on the Food Safety Act caught a senator complaining that process of setting the agenda during the lame-duck session is “rigged.” “It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.” The remark was picked up live on C-SPAN 2, although microphones are usually turned down during voting times. An aide quickly realized the mistake, jumped up and had the sound cut off.

Question - Who rigged it? Your party controls the Senate?

Also - I'm going to have to add "Open Microphones" as a label - since it seems to happen so damn often.

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