Dec 26, 2010

Sunday Comics: Week in Review

Hope you had enough liquor to make it though your family gathering for the Solstice festival - or whatever crazy ceremony you've labeled it... if you're reading this, you made it to the finish line.
Meantime, everyone's heralding Mr. Obama the big winner from the Lame Duck Snowpocolypse 2010.

It's all a matter of perception, really.
And the view from the center...
And, of course, no one has bothered to think about the children...
Ah, but all that matters is the White Christmas that just keeps on giving. And giving... and you can't take it back. And that sucks.
Hope you make it with me to the finish line at the end of next week. Then we put some new numbers up - and try to slug through it all again.

PS - WHY THE HELL IS SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ON TUESDAY? That not only doesn't make any lippity sense - it's messed up my entire evening.

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