Dec 22, 2010

Funding Cuts Cut Off Heat

Hmmm... Do I detect an XBox 360 and a television three times the size of mine in the background? What game is Raymeica playing here? She's gaming the system.

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christyfree said...

Most of these people will be getting large income tax returns come January due to earned income credit. That space heater ran her bill up, is that public housing she lives in? The rest of the room is sparse,but if she has internet, probably has a computer somewhere. But the x-box probably means dependents to claim for the credit on taxes, cha-ching!!

What are the incomes of the other 2 people in the house?, are all 3 applying for the same bill? Maybe it would be better if the system was set up to give out applications, process to see who qualifies, then call them back on their expensive cell phones. You can bet they get food stamps. Maybe their boyfriends, lovers, babies daddy can help them out, if they can drag themselves off their porches or the streets.She will get enough income tax money to buy more luxuries, they work long enough to be able to file taxes, then sit back and wait for the refund.