Nov 24, 2010

Korean War Games

U.S. Carrier Heads For "War Games" In Korean Waters

The U.S. and South Korea prepared to hold joint war games this weekend following North Korea's shelling of a South-held island near their disputed border that ratcheted tensions on the peninsula to new highs.

The aircraft carrier George Washington was headed to Korean waters to join U.S. and South Korean vessels for previously scheduled military exercises to begin Sunday. The carrier left Japan and streamed toward the Yellow Sea, between the Korean peninsula and the Chinese coast.
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How about we 'accidentally' smack the leadership with a couple of Tomahawk missiles? Not enough to re-ignite the Korean conflict, but enough to show them that we're getting tired of their behavior? I feel that the entire world has been treating North Korea like a 2 year old. China likes the rattle - saber rattle - that they shake every so often, and likes to show off how good they are with children by picking the monster up and giving it a sucker. Never mind it was China who gave her the matches to play with just two minutes before when no one was looking.

Everyone else in the world doesn't want to punish or spank North Korea - because if you think re-building Iraq and Afghanistan were expensive... North Korea is also a humanitarian disaster. And if we wanted to deal with that, we'd devote more resources to Haiti.. wouldn't we?

Most likely, we'll put them in a time-out again... and they'll do something stupid to get attention again... and then we'll just sigh, and threaten them with a long lecture and then they'll do it again.

When will we, the Koreans, China, or Japan put their foot down and teach them a lesson? I guess not until people die - oh, what, they were shelling civilians? And how many men died in that submarine sinking in April? 46 souls? Either the Koreans are very, very patient - or they're bad parents.

P.S. Ever wonder why the Iranians want nuclear weapons? Hell yeah, they see the North Koreans being little brats that get away with everything - and no one even bats an eye. They see this behavior and say, yeah, No fair! I want to act like that too!

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NeverMind said...

I would never want to fight a war in Korea. I've already spent a year there with a lot of firepower at my disposal, and I still wouldn't want to fight there. The terrain is favorable to dismounted infantry or the short-range artillery fight. Being a tanker (former glory days) was probably not the safest way to go in that country if a fight broke out. Not to mention the literally thousands of artillery tubes pointed south that would unleash both conventional and chemical munitions into military and civilian targets (Seoul is in range for sure). No matter what strategy we pick, this fight would be murderous for both sides. At least we could get back to fighting large scale conventional forces again...for a while. I can imagine a guerilla fight akin to fighting the Vietnamese. Granted we're not talking jungle warfare, but the terrain again would favor the highly motivated, mobile insurgent style warfare we've been dealing with since 2001. Not a good situation at all. I do agree that the north deserves what they get, but I don't think most people can visualize how hellish it would be to fight there. Ask a Korean War vet and I think he'll agree.