Nov 3, 2010


Well, America, you wanted it - now you got it. Gridlock!

By now you're waking up to see a swing back to the right - which has been described as a "restraining order" on Mr. Obama, and Pelosi's Agenda. Reid somehow won... let's look into those DieBolds again, shall we?

Incomplete returns showed the GOP picked up at least 60 House seats and led for four more, far in excess of what was needed for a majority. About two dozen races remained too close to call.

On their night of triumph, Republicans also gained at least six Senate seats, and tea party favorites Paul in Kentucky, Mike Lee in Utah and Marco Rubio in Florida were among their winners.

But also important were the governor races - The GOP also took 10 governorships from the Democrats, Ohio and Pennsylvania among them, and gave two back, California and Hawaii. Illinois is being re-counted. Seems there was an issue with a couple counties violating the law and not sending out ballots overseas in time.


hollywoodbob said...

Let me just give you an example of how fucked we are.

I live in Florida, and our new Governor had a company that was fined over 1.7 Billion dollars for defrauding Medicare, and when the authorities investigated the man invoked the 5th amendment (against self incrimination) more than 75 times.

That this criminal was even allowed to run for office, let alone get elected, is proof that our system of government is irreparably broken.

johnnygrant said...

As for left and progressives that turned on Obama n the Democrats because they've not been 'left' or progressive enough in the last 2 years, great job stabbing your heart to spite your toe. If you are caught in a shitstorm n you take a bus ride to a safer destination, do you dump the ride midway and head back into the shitstorm just because you deem the bus speed not fast enough?

To the American electorate...I guess this is the change you were looking for, vote away republicans in 08, n replace them with more hardcore, unapologetic ones in 10. You'll fully deserve the gridlock you are gonna get, shame you'll drag the rest of the world down with you. Like A. Dodson said, you are so dumb, really dumb...forreal

Handing this superpower sht to China on a plate...facepalm n smfh

rage over ...concerned European resident.

David Horowitz said...

Today is a day for conservatives to thank Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for destroying the Democratic majority in Congress, stopping the progressive juggernaut and putting Republicans in a perfect position to take control of the Senate in 2012 and eject the Radical-in-Chief from his Oval perch.

Watching the MSNBC leftists Olbermann, Matthews and Maddow try to explain away the rejection of their policies by the American people and attribute it to “outside money,” inept messaging, insufficiently radical policies and poor instructions to their camp followers was a particularly satisfying experience. Keep on thinking that way comrades, encourage Obama and Reid to open the throttle on the socialist express and – as Karl Rove put it with a joyful exuberance in his FoxNews commentary — “drive that train off the cliff.”