Nov 29, 2010

All that and a bag of chips

St. Louis Police say they will not press charges against a storeowner who shot a teen-ager in the ass. The woman caught three teens trying to steal potato chips, and when she told them to put them back, two complied, but the third one pulled a gun - so she pulled her own gun and shot him, police said.

The Second Amendment observing shop owner shot a would-be thief in the buttocks.

Myrtle Dunn, owner of Myrt's Northland Market, was justified in shooting the boy, who ran out of the store and then collapsed at the corner, police said. The boy was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Police said they will seek robbery charges against the teen. One of the other teens will face a petty theft charge. The other teen left the area on a bus before police arrived.

He fled - on a bus.


amus said...

How exactly did she shoot him in the ass?

she should have shot his prick off. or aimed higher and taken this little shit off the face of the earth.

CTHULHU said...

Evaded capture by boarding a city bus.

Now there is a brilliant criminal, & some ludicrously poor police work.