Jul 21, 2009

Bush Lite

Campaign Obama: I'll stop torture, abide by the Geneva Conventions and roll back NSA wiretapping programs.

President Obama: Torture will continue, we will hold detainees even after they're found Innocent, and you bet we're going to keep spying on Americans

I didn't even mention that he is now encouraging failed banks and companies receiving government bailouts to hand out large bonuses to their executives, staffed his entire Treasury Department with Goldman Sachs alumni, has refused to prosecute Americans who committed torture, and held private meetings with coal executives and continued to push for mythical ‘clean coal’.

And he has committed to a Surge in Afghanistan that he was against in Iraq.

He's Bush-Lite.



NeverMind said...

Once again I proclaim how happy I am I didn't vote in this regime. However, probably would have been the same with gramps in there. Until we get a real conservative with a brain and good ideas to bring back America's glory there will be no real hope for modern politics. Can America come back? I'm a bit of a downer on my hopes of that happening in my lifetime. Oh well. All good things have to come to an end sometime!

RushSays said...

What has Obama done for the country? Well, he closed Gitmo, except now he can't. He got us out of Iraq, except we're still there. He ended partisanship, except he didn't. He ended racial politics, except he's promoting it. He's 'saved' millions of jobs. But he has not yet stopped the seas from rising, as he promised. That's still a work in progress