Sep 9, 2008

HFCS, Nervous?

The Corn Refiners Association is sick and tired of people expressing uncertainty about the dubious heath benefits of high fructose corn syrup, so they're running some commercials featuring aggressively annoying people getting schooled on the "facts" about our most omnipresent sweetener. All we managed to glean from the commercials is that not consuming high fructose corn syrup makes you rude. In the first one, one mom walks up to another (who is pouring some sort of pink liquid from a jug) and says, "Wow, you don't care what the kids eat, huh?" What a jerk.
In an answer to the video - ahem - it 'may' cause juvenile obesity and type two adult onset diabetes in children - and, in a report I saw the other day, non alcohol related fatty liver damage to children is way up (link0). By the way, the nosy mom who doesn't know the answer - that's insulting to moms and women in general.

Are there more pressing culprits in America's obesity epidemic than HFCS? Absolutely. Lazy asses, smoking, drinking, little exercise, high fat and calorie intakes and a lack of healthy messages to children."

Rodger Clemens (no relation) a nutritional biochemist and spokesman for the Institute of Food Technologists, says, "No single food or food component is responsible for the growing obesity problem. The issue is really calories in addition to minor genetic disposition." Clemens thinks the availability of high fructose corn syrup will diminish within the next decade because of increased use of corn as a biofuel and emerging food technology that will identify alternative sources for inexpensive sweeteners.

Sure. He's a scientist. Scientists don't lend their voices to absolutes. It's tough to say there's just one single bullet in this obesity situation. But check his bank account.

And HFCS may fall out of use because people will finally figure out that it ISN'T natural, and that the body doesn't process the fructose and glucose the same as sugar, and therefore you blow out your pancreas quicker than just eating sugar cane. There's your diabetes.

Even though the ad says, "Moderation." Yeah, good luck with that, kids. Why? HFCS is in EVERYTHING.

Bonus HFCS also limits Leptin secretion in the digestive system. Leptin is a hormone that signals the brain when you are full.

Therefore, if your brain never gets the message that you are full, you are likely to over-eat and ingest more calories that lead to weight gain. And that's all it takes. Just 200 more calories over your suggested intake - and blam-o, you're a fatty.

I'll give an example. Say you want a 'healthy' lunch instead of McKFC. PBandJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) on wheat bread. If you don't read your labels - it's in the Peanut Butter, it's in the Jelly, and it's in the whole wheat bread! Let's add a soda pop to that, since you've convinced you're eating 'healthy' today -- that's 17 Tablespoons of High Fructose Corn Syrup in ONE can.

Obesity? No kidding. Liver damage in kids? You betcha. Growing health crisis. Already happening.

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