Sep 12, 2008

Blasphemous Post for Sept 12

Rep. Steve Cohen, Democratic congressman from Tennessee, brings the idiotic
"Jesus was a community organizer, Pilate was a governor" meme to the House floor.
Double Blasphemes Bonus: He's Jewish

Dear Steve,

Maybe if you had seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade you'd know that, dumbass.


rushsays said...

Millions of Americans will be offended by left-wing, anti-Christian, "Jesus (Obama) was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate (Palin) was a governor."

Obama's "community organizing" mentor was Hillary Clinton's pal Saul Alinsky, who dedicated the left-wing bible "Rules for Radicals" to "the first radical...Lucifer."

cthulhu the hobbyist carpenter said...

@ Cap'n.

Do we have any evidence, inside the bible or from corroborating sources, that Jesus ever built anything? If he did, was it worth a damn?

There's some nutjob in Chucktown who claims him carpentry shop aims to emulate "The world's best carpenter." This is painted next a life-sized crucifix. Now if you want political and religious introspection into the 0000's, then listen to Jesus and his loaves & lilies & fishes. But to assume that the dude was a major constructor or craftsman? Well, that is a leap of faith that I am unwilling to make.

Dude's father was a carpenter, but we never read "Simon & Peter swing by big J's rocking workshop where the Christ is completing a Million silver piece project." No, he just hangs out on the side of the road or with his buddies who have real jobs.

As for the sexy librarian running for VP, she's cute, but I'm not voting for crazy.

WaffleMan said...

Democrats evoking Obama as the Christ? You expect useless braindead shit like that on the internet, but reading it into the Congressional rolls is something else entirely.