Nov 3, 2016

When the Cubs Win the World Series

Full Disclosure: I am an abnormal fan of the Cleaning Ladys. Have been for decades. Related to one that I am willing to share.

Last night was the first time that I cried watching professional sports.

My beloved Cubs won the World Series. 

Let's read that sentence again. The CUBS have won the world series. Do you feel that? That little flutter in your heart. The CUBS have WON the world series. There are great things in life. Finding your love, birth of a child, life long friendships. They create a feeling in your soul. The CUBS have WON the WORLD SERIES. Sometimes all seems right in the world. Problems seem a little smaller; life seems a bit better. THE CUBS HAVE WON THE WORLD SERIES!

Seems impossible, right? Years of Grace, Dunston, Sosa, Dawkins, Sandburg, Williams, Banks, Santo.... they got so close. All those years are in the rear view mirror now. The 2016 Chicago Cubs are the World Series Champions. Today, we no longer live in the past. Today, we are winners.

Seems like not too long ago that we were the joke of sports. "Wait 'til next year" sign were held up at home openers. Cardinal fans wagging their tongues every visit to our fine city. In popular culture it was something that was always decades away. Depicted as a fantastical occurrence that would not happen. Last night it happened. Last night we won the World Series.


There was a song performed by the Cleaning Ladys circa 1997 named, "When the Cubs Win the World Series." As you can tell by my cohorts below, it is an election season. So, I decided to fact check the song polifact style.

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