Feb 27, 2014

Hey, Vatican, you're worshiping the wrong Jesus

After watching the Secrets of the Vatican, Cap'n thinks the Pope and the Curia
worshiping the wrong Jesus. 
Eight-year-olds, Dude.
Dan Brown? George R.R. Martin? They have nothing on what just aired on Frontline, one of the Best journalistic documentary programs being produced today (in my humble opinion).

When someone asks me "hey, how come your kids aren't in CCD...", I would get into a long reasoned list of complaints and concerns about indoctrination and lies based on fear perpetrated for 2000 years among the faithful. Now I can say with pride, "because Catholicism is a giant ring of hypocritical pedophiles, running a money laundering scheme for the mafia, that's conniving and intimidating - all while wearing ridiculously funny hats."

When you watch the show - and please, let me encourage you to watch this - see how angry you get when the woman recounts how she was raped when she was 8 years old. 8 years old, Dude.

It tapers off as a synopsis of the problems facing Pope Francis. It touched on the problems of corruption and careerism within the Curia itself.

It left me wondering if Pope Francis even wants to tackle these issues, and is instead pulling a Ronald Reagan slight of hand by talking up poverty and the corruption of capitalism. Which is ironic that he hasn't beaten the money changers from the temple.... yet?

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