Jan 18, 2014

Lucky 13 serial - Four

fiction by killre

From the journal of Elmer McIntyre.  Presented as one entry, dated June 6th.  Reproduced text is sic; ampersands [&] denote blotted original text.

Got back frm breakfst and showrd, Pack'd. Jupe hasn't. He'll smell up the sleep'r tonite most like. I'll have to open a window. Ask'd Silas who was start'g today, Jupe or Randal, me or cozzens. Said Prob'ly me, Prob'ly Jupe, but old Man hasn't decided for sure. Be ready. Silas reminded me we're Goin' straight to the station right after Game, so tell Jupe when we Got back to room to Pack and bring Grip to ballpark, case he forgets, but he won't. When I told Jupe, he said, "Yeah," and stuck his nose in a book. Didn't ask him what he's read'g. Have to remind him again in a spell.

Its real Quiet now, wait'g to go. Been Quiet all week really. Marsh and coach Pete told everybdy not to talk to &&&&& anybdy abt what happnd with the old Man. Seems all the boys took that to mean don't talk abt it at all. Its like everybdy wants to, but nobdy wants to be first or Jinx it.

Hope I start today. Should. Quick turn around, and a big series against Beardsley com'g up. they'll want to give cozzens a rest. Wish I knew who's start'g, but its either Jupe to Moran, or Moran to Jupe, so Guess it &&& doesn't matter.much. Have to be ready for both. catch'g the 2 is like nite and day. Rand'l throws hard, even when he &&& doesn't throw hard. His sinker dives Pretty Good most times, and he has a nice tight curver that comesin hard and then fades. Jupe's stuff is mostly soft, but all over the Place. Except his fast ball, which &&& isn't real fast, but sort of sneaky-fast cuz Silas don't call it much, but he can Put it where I ask him to Put it.

Silas Just stuck his head in. time to go. Jupe's up and pack'g. Won't take him long. We'll be the first 1's in the lobby, but its better than being last I s'pose.

on train now, wait'g to Get cut in to next south-bound. then can say so long to Wakelee for awhile. Noisy. Good Noisy. Everybdy happy, talk'g, laugh'g. We kill'd 'em today, and now we're head'g home. I start'd. Didn't Get no hits, but call'd a Good Game. Silas call'd pitchs, course, but he let me handle location Just like we talk'd abt. Jupe's fast ball was real Good. We shut 'em down for 7 inn'gs, while the boys k&ept bash'g the ball everywhere. Kieley hit one real deep in 1st and clean'd the bases. We scor'd 4 more in 3rd, Jupe even Got a hit, and we ne'r really worry'd after that, even when Jupe Got shaky in 8th. I was wait'g for old Man to Pull him, but we had a big lead so he let him twist. He did bring Moran in for 9th, tho.

Just 1 of their guy's I couldn't figure. thatcher, short-stop. Knew he was trubble first time he step'd in cuz I cooldn't Get a read on what he was aim'g to do. Balanced. Ready for anyth'g. He got 4 hits. I talk'd to Silas &&&& abt him before 8th and told him I thought we should &&&& && screw-ball him, even tho Jupe's screw was shaky. He look'd at me and Grin'd and said, "I was thinkin' the same thing." Didn't work, tho.

congrats'd Jupe on Get'g win. He said "thanks".

can hear Ray Kieley roar'n in his state-room. He Got a bottle of whisky and the boys are really start'g to whoop it up. Pretty soon, the cars Goin' to be rock'n even tho we're still sit'n still, and the old Man or nobdy's Goin' to say boo abt it 'til long after midnite most like, on account of we had a Great road trip.  Think I'll join 'em.


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