Jan 10, 2014

Bridge to Nowhere

Given all the flack that Christopher James "Chris" Christie - the 55th Governor of New Jersey and a (up until a few minutes ago) leading member of the Republican Party, believed to be the next primary winner for that party, has taken over a couple staffers allegedly closing a lane on the George Washington bridge is taking - it looks like his prospects are dimming as a growing threat in said primaries.

And it may not be just that his staff was caught. Nor was it that they were manipulating a system under their control for supposed political payback. Was is ordered, or were his minions acting independently. How about catcalls for a Federal investigation. No. Not one of these conspiracy licking issues are hurting his political prospects. It was that Mr. Christie gave a 90 minute presser on the event and apologized for everything, including the chopping down of Mr. Washington's cherry tree.

In politics, damage control is the part and parcel of the Game. And he's just shown the nation how bad he is at it. Kind of like the Bears: all offense, no defense. And no. I also never thought I'd see that sentence in my lifetime.

Think about all the scandals and half truths that Mr. Obama is facing. From Fast and Furious to NSA wire tapping, well, everyone, to using the IRS as a retribution force to strike down the Tea Party, the GSA bender in Las Vegas, to the still unknown events surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack - with a dead Ambassador, five retired/fired generals and doubts and questions still swirling around the toilet of misinformation and political fog - not one of those, not even the complete and utter failure of the ObamaCare roll out has really stuck on Mr. Obama's suit.

How come.

Is it because the Obama Administration doesn't have knowledge of these events. Or worse, knows exactly what he's doing and has a tight lid on all of it.

I don't know.

And why wouldn't I know? Because the same press corps that's mounted 3 armored divisions of satellite trucks to hound Mr. Christie haven't spent 1/1000th of the effort they're giving Bridge-Gate... yes, (sigh) they gave it a "gate" already...

Frankly, even if they dig through every e-mail, text, IM, back room napkin notes -- and they do find out that it does go back to Christie giving the order - he should stand up at the mic, let some two bit reporter with a brand new note pad ask him, "Governor, did you order the lane closed?"

And he should let all of the New Jersey narcissist volatility spit back on her, "You're damn right I did!" and he should walk off the stage.

People might go out and vote for that guy.

And will you look at that, not one single fat joke.

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