Oct 2, 2013

Lunch Hour Pod Cast Episode 02 - Breaking Television, Sports and Fantasy Metal

It's episode two of the who-knows-how-often PodCast produced by the Cap'n and hosted by Joe. This week, Jeff (the other one) was added to the mix as the discussion devolves from Breaking Bad (spoilers, but, come on, if you're 6 years behind - excuse us if we don't all wait up for you to get caught up) to the Fall Classic, back to television and who's going to be eaten by the cancellation bear, back to sports, and then ending with Fantasy Metal - yeah, it's becoming a thing, because Joe is creating it!  Send notes and hate mail and pornographic pictures to BlaspheminCapn care of the link in the top left of the page. I'm sure we'll never look at them... but who knows? Fire off some impiousness and we'll see what happens.

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