Sep 9, 2013

A Break In The Storm? Or Another Fumble By John Kerry?

Syria "Welcomes" International Control Over Its Chemical Weapons

After meeting Syrian counterpart, Russian foreign minister says he’ll push Assad to give up WMDs to avoid airstrikes; Kerry: Attack can be averted if Damascus agrees to cede ‘every single bit’ of its chemical arsenal by week’s end

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem on Monday said his country welcomed a proposal by Moscow to submit Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles to international control.

The surprise announcement came following a meeting in Moscow between Moall
em and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and just hours after US Secretary of State John Kerry said such a move — which Kerry made plain he considered highly improbable — could avert a limited US strike on the country in retaliation for a lethal August 21 chemical weapons attack.

“Syria welcomes the Russian proposal out of concern for the lives of the Syrian people, the security of our country and because it believes in the wisdom of the Russian leadership that seeks to avert American aggression against our people,” Moallem said.

"Suck it, John Kerry!"
My take on this? John Kerry's mouth got the best of himself - yet again. He said hand over the weapons, or face attack - and then the US Government rushed for the microphone to deny that that offer was even made.

Fumble. Ball! Ball!

The the Russians picked up the fumble - and then "suggested" that the Syrians use this turnover to put some much needed points on the board.

Even funnier, Boomer and the boys at the half-time show at the UN welcomed this "non-plan" (that totally didn't happen) as the best thing to happen since Dennis Hester returned a punt for a touchdown, but got called back for holding, back on his own three. It's Assad's a way out!

Now Putin smells like roses for his efforts, which up until now was to do nothing and allow nothing to happen, and John Kerry looks a little more long faced than usual. Obama is most likely doing a facepalm out on the golf course today, trying to figure out how come everyone is running diplomatic circles around him and his Loose Association of Morons. He's probably also wondering how Bush and Cheney made it look so effortless.

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