Jun 13, 2013

Why are IRS Agents training with AR-15's?

Typically, an IRS Agent will hit you with a million paper cuts.

Now they're training to hit you with lead? No, not from a pencil, an AR-15. No, that's not the form for you need to file for farm losses. (And frankly, you shouldn't claim losses on your dead tomato plant you got at the supermarket)

Rep. Jeff Duncan is asking this too. He's chair of the House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee.
“When I left there, it’s been bugging me for weeks now, why IRS agents are training with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, which has stand-off capability,” Duncan told POLITICO. “Are Americans that much of a target that you need that kind of capability?”
Okay, sure, he recognizes that the IRS has an enforcement division - but what's the correct level of firepower necessary for tax enforcement?
“I think Americans raise eyebrows when you tell them that IRS agents are training with a type of weapon that has stand-off capability. It’s not like they’re carrying a sidearm and they knock on someone’s door and say, ‘You’re evading your taxes,’” Duncan said.  We’ll ask the questions and hopefully they can justify it. And if not, we’ll bring them in front of the committee for a hearing and ask the questions on the record,” he said.
In a statement, the IRS defended the training.

“As law enforcement officials, IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents are equipped similarly to other federal, state and local law enforcement organizations. Special Agents receive training on the appropriate and safe use of assigned weapons. IRS Criminal Investigation has internal controls and oversight in place to ensure all law enforcement tools, including weapons are used appropriately,” the IRS said.

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