Jun 28, 2013

That Explains It...

Wondering why there's a character assassination against Snowden? Patriot, Traitor or Whistleblower or someone who wanted to get the hell out of dodge and experience jet setting bunker hiding lifestyle of Salman Rushdie?

Clearly, he didn't think that through.

The national debate should be focused on PRISM and how due to the Patriot Act it’s perfectly ok to violate the Constructional protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. He has acted against the government - that makes him a traitor, however those actions are as a whistleblower to the people of the United States. Sadly, these two are separated... and by how much is shown in this very instance.

Patriotism is not blind faith in the government. Patriotism is virtue, love for the republic, and means to question government and to put the republic before personal interests and desires. Without virtue, there can be no republic (democracy).

But, instead the public debate is about how a fat diabetic Southern Woman is being ostracized for saying a naughty word that we all know she said.

Pass the bread, I'm heading to the circus.

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