May 9, 2013

New Benghazi Brew-Ha-Ha

House Republicans called on the Obama administration to release a new batch of e-mails that they believe will shed more light on how the White House and the State Department responded in the days after the attacks on American facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Speaker John A. Boehner, in a written statement, made the request, saying, “The truth shouldn’t be hidden from the American people behind a White House firewall.”

His move was the first of many expected by Republicans in the coming days and weeks to try to force the White House to divulge more documents and allow additional witnesses to testify. Republican-led investigations into the siege on Benghazi — which cost four Americans, including the former ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, their lives — have been growing in intensity and scope.

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If the White House has nothing to hide it will not be an issue to release these emails, right?

But they have refused since day one to NOT release these emails.

That's disappointing because on an issue where transparency is important, a decision was made, from the White House, to NOT be forthcoming.

So now the question comes up, what are they hiding that makes them act like the Nixon Administration?

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