Mar 28, 2013

North Korea, North Korea, How I Love You...

Ever since Iran bit-torrented Adobe Photoshop CS2, North Korea has been hard at work catching up with that state of the art graphic design technology.

"...You can tell by the pixels"
However, it seems that Best Korea's pixels were showing, and it's shopping techniques are still not on par with the guy who makes fake want-ads on lamp posts. You know, the one with Lionel Richie that simply says "Hello"?

Like their missile program, it blew up in their face.

Looks like they don't really have 8 hovercrafts, in real life. I wonder if they have any hovercrafts? GI Joe had a hovercraft, but it was really kind of crappy when you started playing with it, and a lot of the parts kind of fell off if it hit the carpet. Like the depth charges... that wasn't good, because you just depth charged the carpet, dude. Anyhow...

Now, there might be six real ones... but why not just go all out? Why not put, I don't know, 20 hovercrafts in the picture? And, how about a Mecha Godzilla too? That sure would scare the hell out of the Japanese. Hell, that could start a whole Mecha arms race!

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So even with all that excitement going on the US has been planning for Failed Korea.

Crippling sanctions, starving soldiers, and an antiquated, rickety military collectively push the idea of a concerted North Korean strike to the fringes of credibility.
"That's right, clap at the Photoshop, you!"

Planners in Washington envision a more insidious threat: the untimely collapse of Kim Jong-un's government.

Paul McLeary of Defense News posted today about a classified military wargame that played out the sudden collapse of North Korea and the immediate actions of the U.S. Military.

McLeary writes:

The Unified Quest war game conducted this year by Army planners posited the collapse of a nuclear-armed, xenophobic, criminal family regime that had lorded over a closed society and inconveniently lost control over its nukes as it fell.

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When Best Korea falls apart, it's not going to be like East Germany with a nice video feed moment for the evening news, with people on the DMZ digging out landmines with a pickaxe...

The South Koreans aren't ready to reunify with the North - mostly due to the cost. And then there's the clean up of the WMD's. And that's when the American tax payer will be asked to pony up.

And that's why no one has invaded or done anything but placate Best Korea.

Final thought, funny that there's a white paper on what to do with a collapsed North Korea, but there wasn't one on Iraq or Afghanistan? Maybe there was, but no one read it?

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