Mar 6, 2013

Holder Okays Drone Strikes in the US

Drones over New Jack City? 

Holder Does Not Rule Out Drone Strike Scenario In U.S. 

Attorney General Eric "Fast and Furious is a Great Idea" Holder is not entirely ruling out a scenario under which a drone strike would be ordered against Americans on U.S. soil, but says it has never been done previously and he could only see it being considered in an extraordinary circumstance.


His comments were prompted by questions raised over the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. Specifically, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee sought the Obama administration's legal rationale for its use of drones to kill terror suspects overseas.

But Sen. Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican who has said he would do what he could to hold up Brennan's nomination until he got a full answer to his query, wanted to know whether the administration considered that policy applicable domestically.

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Checks? BalancesPosse Comitatus Act? Constitution? Who's got time for all that nonsense? Just so we're clear, these guys are the same people who said that waterboarding known terrorists is illegal, but bombing American citizens without due process is a-okay?

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Some guy said...

Isn't Obama a Constitutional scholar and Nobel Peace Prize winner too?