Feb 25, 2013

Cyber War With China

House Intel Chair Mike Rogers Calls Chinese Cyber Attacks ‘Unprecedented’

House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said it was “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that the Chinese government and military is behind growing cyber attacks against the United States, saying “we are losing” the war to prevent the attacks.

“They use their military and intelligence structure to steal intellectual property from American businesses, and European businesses, and Asian businesses, re-purpose it and then compete in the international market against the United States,” Rogers said this morning on “This Week.”

“It is unprecedented,” Rogers added. “This has never happened in the history of the world, where one nation steals the intellectual property to re-purpose it – to illegally compete against the country…and I’ll tell you, It is as bad as I’ve ever seen it and exponentially getting worse. Why? There’s no consequence for it.”

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This is one of the biggest issues that no one is discussing. The idea that the US has been at war in cyberspace for several years is no longer an abstract concept, but something that we must all come to terms with. Conclusive proof that China, Iran, Russia, and others have been purposefully hacking into or supporting "unaffiliated" cyber militias should be a wake up call to every policy maker that our views on foreign policy and diplomacy are out of date in the digital age, and that bringing ourselves up to speed will mean investing in computer science education in our school systems and at the corporate level. Having computer illiterate people at high levels of American corporations is a massive security flaw that we must plug.

These attacks generally include sending something like an infected excell spreadsheet in an email with a subject line that reads something like "meetings this week" or "employee schedule." The fact that a cyber security firm was fooled by such a simple exploit should be a very clear reminder that we aren't prepared.

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But remember, Stuxnet - so it makes one wonder what other kind of Manhattan Project is going on?

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