Nov 7, 2012

Forward Hope Beats Reality Pill

Americans have decided to stick with the guy they have now, rather than swallow the much needed austerity reality pill. Frankly, I'm convinced that it was down to haircuts and secret underwear.

What's next?

Mr. Obama will have two pressing issues on his agenda, whether he decides to ignore them or not. One, is the self-made fiscal cliff of 10% cuts across the board, and tax hikes - like chemotherapy on an appendicitis. Yes, the Republicans helped him make it too, but the bill is due, and if they don't come to a grand compromise before January, it's going to trigger a Eurozone-ish crisis in the States. He is facing the same Congress he's had the last two years, and they're going to be as obstructionist and obstinent about not letting him win as when the Tea Party people were screaming not to let anything else through.

And while all that's getting argued about, and stuck in gridlock, there is most certainly the nuclear Iran problem. That might try to settle itself out, with Israeli bombers and fighters, but I can't see a scenario where the US doesn't get involved - again, whether by accident or by design. It simply can't be talked away or blamed on a video.

I would suspect that there will be at least two more openings on the bench of the Supreme Court - which will be as divisive as the budget battles.

And then there will be investigations into Fast and Furious and Benghazi that will just pop up again.

Mr. Obama has two years, and then the Tea Party will be back on the streets - even angrier than the last cycle. Unless there are results, despite the Keynesian economic theories, he's going to have a tough time. And with all their social issues in their back pockets, expect the Republicans to put on some Mariachi hats and start talking to the folks at the burrito stands. Well, broken Spanish they might have picked up by watching Telemundo.

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Rico said...

It does not matter.
- It never did matter.

Neither one could have, or would have, fixed the economy, debt, unemployment, or inflation.

It is naive, if not daft, to think that either one would somehow do "less damage" than the other.
- The damage has already been done, the iceberg has been struck, and the math guarantees the calamity we face will be the same. Who gets to wear the Captain's hat when the Titanic sinks really does not matter at this point.

There are only two options left. 1. Prepare for this to end badly, and 2. Prepare for this to end badly.

You may say I'm crying wolf, but please remember that in the end the wolf came.