Aug 30, 2012

The Big Speech

I doubt you all watched Paul Ryan get on stage and talk about his 6 pack abs last night?

Oh, well, my local news guy couldn't stop talking about that. He's just so dreamy. Right?

A lot of words against the current administration, a showcase of a beautiful family, a small town boy done good, and a mother who was a business owner - you know, and a detailed discussion of his workout regimen. And his iPod playlist ("starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin.")

There were a couple other little, er, misrepresentations we'll call them, in the rousing speech to get grandmas with goofy glasses and stupid little pins in their hats to be mildly excited about their ticket... and speaking of, if these are the dyed in wool delegates - the actual soul of the Republican party, shouldn't they be clamoring and banging on stuff every time there's an applause line? These people looked half dead or mildly annoyed to have to sit though all those speeches. They should hire actors, multi-ethnic actors, to fill in the seats. At least that way the Republicans can say with conviction that they've created jobs! Oh, sorry, off track a tad. Back to the fact checking...

US Credit Rating - Well, it was only one agency, S&P, that knocked the US down a peg.  And a lot of that had to do with Paul Ryan. He was part of the leadership that was going to refuse extending the debt ceiling. And when the dust settled - it happened anyway. And that triggered the issue no one is talking about: sequestration. No one thinks it's going to happen, since after the election, that's when it'll get solved. And that used car on Craigslist? A little old lady drove it to church on Sundays. Honest.

The GM Plant that all Ryan's graduating class went to work for? Well, how can you complain that some plants got bailouts and yours didn't? Second, it was closed before Inauguration day 2009. So, we'll chalk that one up to Nancy Pelosi's Congress then?

The bi-partisan Bowles-Simpson Debt Commission - Yeah, Mr. Obama didn't do anything they said to do, but Paul Ryan also voted against their findings. And, so did the pannel's House Republicans - following Paul's lead.

Helping the poor and Medicare are still being debated - but, let's be honest, does either party really know what the hell they're doing with those two issues. Except sticking their hands, and their cousin's hands into the well of money that's supposed to help these people?

I'm beginning to believe that when a Republican talks of "recovery" and "jobs" they're talking directly and honestly -- but about their fraternity brothers and unemployable cousins. They want THEIR jobs back. And that would be a RECOVERY.

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