Aug 20, 2012

Pursuit of Romney's Returns

In American politics, you're lucky to get one or two non-important but-it's-sensational-television debate fodder/editorial page ink spilling discussion threads. One of my personal favorites, the great flag burning debates of Michael Dukakis v. George Bush Sr., flinging mud at each other for such a non-issue, took the preverbal apple pie of a fight over absolutely nothing.

With the grand daddy of MTV's question of "boxers or briefs" levied at candidate Bill Clinton being the trophy of American stupid questions, it took wild card Ross Perot to come in and actually ask hard questions before anyone seemed willing to accept that there were any hard questions to ask.

So in this cycle we have the most important question of "What's in Mitt's tax forms?"

The left is clawing their eyes out, not being able to contain themselves, as if in section 138 b he took a deduction for his membership dues to the Illuminati.

The right has been standing on chairs demanding that Mitt should hold out until we see Mr. Obama's transcripts from his college career first. Great idea, but shouldn't folks have asked for that in 2007? Seems a little late to be doing a background check after the man's been in the chair for three years, don't you think? And if there was any dirt in those sealed transcripts, it's my half informed opinion that Team Mrs. Clinton would have presented it a long, long time ago.

And really? This is the most important issue of our time? How Mr. Romney used the system to pay no taxes, or how rich he really is? Maybe he's embarrassed that he tithed over 10% to the Mormon church?  I didn't hear about how rich Bush or Kerry were - and Kerry married into his wealth.

Look, I'd be a lot more respectful of the Democrat's unrelenting drum beat to see his 1040 forms if they spent even 1/8th this much energy hounding Iran and their intentions with a nuclear program.

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