Jun 24, 2012

Week in Review - Sunday Comics

Busy week.

Executive Privilege was evoked, A. G. Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress - soon to be brought up to a full House Vote (don't worry, nothing'll happen to him after that), Nixon era vocabulary words were dusted off and sent to the talking points - all for the Fast and Furious scandal, that Democrats swear was started by George Bush, but aren't handing over the documents to prove it. At the very least, this disaster of a program has finally been forced into the main stream media. Anyone who hasn't heard of it might be asking what's all this about then? The Democrat response? It's a Republican ploy to suppress the voters. Wh- okay, Mrs. Pelosi. What's the media's response? You should hear Rachel Maddow talk about it.

And in another move against the Constitution, the Obama Administration said they weren't going to enforce the law anymore. At least, as long as you're an immigrant who was forced to come here by your parents. It kind of creates an image of a teenager in a van throwing a tantrum because he wanted to go to the Mall -- just not the Mall of America. Anyhow, it's all a political card game to impress the Latino voters, and it's only a 2 year stop gap at best. Reforming immigration policy to make it easier for people who want to come here legally ought to be the prevailing force - but instead it's always focused on the people who went in through the back door. Now all the seats are taken. Why not lock that door first so that the folks standing in line, buying a ticket, can get a better chair?

As bad things seem to come in threes - Expect the Supreme Court to pronounce the Affordable Healthcare Act DOA really soon. Again, isn't Mr. Obama a professor in Constitutional Law? How could his Administration only read the Cliff Notes on it? I mean, it's not a very long document. I find it almost hilarious that the single payer option would have been Constitutional.

Another note worth mentioning, have you noticed these past couple weeks, Mr. Obama's Administration's 'laser like focus' is trained not on solving problems, but tapping his base and donors the last couple months? Maybe he's getting worried about Mitten's chances? Maybe he figures he's already lost the white blue collar worker? Wait until he finds out that his 2008 win was more about Republicans staying home because they didn't like John McCain.

Stories are leaning to Tim Pawlenty as a new front runner for the VeeP spot on the ticket. Well, Rubio's out since Obama trumped him on the immigration wedge issue - and although Rubio would be good to counter and court the Latino voter, he has the Sarah Palin Problem -- Mittens has to pick someone who seems like he could just slide into his chair if something were to happen to him. Sarah didn't seem to portray that image, at all.  To be fair, neither does Biden - but Biden is a bullet proof shield that makes Dan Quayle look like a Rhodes Scholar. The best part? Turns out Pawlenty would rather work the phones, than stand next to Mitt.  So, I guess it'll be a trip to New Mexico after his fund raising in Utah this weekend? Get ready to hear a lot more about Susana Martinez.

To restate the obvious: Egypt continues to be run by the military, even though they are allowing Morsy to be their front man.

The Syrian civil war has gotten so bad, even the UN said, you know what - we're out of here. It's a war zone. You may not want to test to see if their anti-aircraft weapons are working. That Turkish jet was a minor incident, until you remember that Turkey is a member of NATO.

Greece voted that they'll keep the Eurozone going for a couple more weeks. Microsoft came out with a new tablet to be destroyed by the iPad, and Jamie Dimon came to Congress to give his employees an update to how business was doing.

Actual news - LeBron won a trophy. Good work, guys... after six more rings I'll talk about a legacy. Until then.... I care about all this gum on the sidewalk a whole lot more.

And two pederasts were convicted this week. One with the Catholic Church (shocking) The other one a trusted government employee. Actual shocker. There isn't a hell hot enough for either of these guys. Hopefully everyone in the fine institutions these guys are heading to will have heard of them and give them their version of "tickle monster"?

Hope to be back here next week.

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