May 13, 2012

Sunday Comics

The week in review - Today is mother's day. Call your mom. Thank her for not putting you on the cover of Time Magazine when you were three. She should at least get a card for that.

Quick recap of the week - We found out that Mitt was a big Mr. Meany in High School. Especially to one particular gay student. Romeny cut his hair. Free haircut, or an act of violence that should be treated as a hate crime? It's a good thing they're vetting this guy. And for the Republicans, I guess it's better to have the class bully rather than the male cheerleader (W. Bush) in 2012? Funny how that story fit like a glove for the suddenly pro-gay Team Obama?

Since Mr. Obama has 'evolved' so that he can get checks from the LGBT community, apparently his record is wiped clear?
Just in case anyone still cares about those sort of things... I wonder if he's still going to keep blaming Bush?  He ran against him in 08, and apparently thinks it'll work again in 12? The difference is that Mitt wants to be President. McCain didn't really seem to care one way or the other.

Mitt spoke to the Evangelicals the other day -- and it was supposed to be the make or break, tipping point - the meeting of the Mormon... which all he really had to say was "I don't like the gays gettin' hitched" and he would have gotten the same standing ovation. What are they going to do? Go to Ron Paul? (they are)

Meantime -

And over in Europe, or pre-WWIII land as I think I'll start calling it...

In other news, the lead peace negotiator in Afghanistan was assassinated. 

Dick Luger was taken out of his chair by the Tea Party in Indiana.

JP Morgan lost 2 Billion in credit default swaps - "whoops!"

Well hope you make it back next week. Hope I do.

Talk soon!

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Screamin' Demon said...

Apparently your "Obama Economic Record" graphic came from Fox News, because very little of it is true. Americans are better off than they were under Bush, and they know it. And Bush and the Republicans are to blame for the economic collapse in '08, and Obama should keep pointing that out. Mitt Romney has about as much charisma as a cigar store Indian. He's a cipher, a zero, an empty suit. If he were elected, he'd sign any bill put in front of him by a GOP congress without even reading it. That's why the establishment made sure he got the nom. They know he has no principles, no convictions, no core beliefs other than wanting to be president. They'd play him like a two-dollar banjo. Grover Norquist said it best: "We want the Ryan budget. We just need a president to sign this stuff. Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States." Romney's their guy.