May 10, 2012

Evolution on Gay Marriage

It's funny - when Obama changes his mind, he "evolves" -- when Mitt Romney does it, he's a flip-flopper.

"Obama became the first U.S. president to back the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry, a reversal from views expressed during the 2008 campaign, when he said he opposed same-sex marriage but favored civil unions as an alternative…"

To my gay friends, a moment to catch your breath... just because he's turned his opinion around (and is obviously shilling for votes and donations), doesn't mean he can DO anything about it. That would have been in the first half of his first term, when he controlled the House and Senate. And even now, buried deep in the pillow of that interview he still affirms that it's an issue that's up to the States. [Which is hilarious because he thinks the exact oposite when he's talking about Arizona!] And also, take note, how he bravely took a stand on the issue exactly one day too late to make any difference in the Amendment One vote in North Carolina? Literally, a day late.

Of course, it wasn't really close in North Carolina. It was 61-39 [source]. That's about 832,000 against. So, coming out after the fact makes him look 'clean' and won't be used as another failure (Chicago Olympics, Environmental Conference in Copenhagen, no budgets passed) ...

No, this will be used against him in ways he and his team haven't even considered. But, conversely, the negative ads will actually be seen as a positive for his base. So, on the bright side, some of that poison will be like a shot in the arm for about, oh, 10% of the population?

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