Apr 3, 2012

Some real news you MAY have missed

So here's some interesting news...

NATO denies accelerating Afghanistan troop withdrawal 

North Korea 'preparing to unveil missile capable of striking continental US'

N.Korea 'Building Even Bigger Missile

Sat Spies North Korea Readying Rocket Launch

Support For Japan’s Military Reaches Post-War High

China’s Second J-20 Stealth Fighter? 

No joke: Israeli military investigating navy chief’s April Fool’s Day prank

Tories to rejig F-35 purchase as auditor blasts jet procurement

Report: U.S. developed, but shelved, nuclear-powered drones

U.S. Not Prepared for Talks on Cutting Nonstrategic Nuclear Arms 

"Military Body Armour Market Will Reach $1.07bn in 2012" According to New visiongain Report

Helicopter fleet showing its age

Budget Woes Leave Army Aviation Few Options

US Navy Carrier Air Wing 14 Deactivation Cancelled

Cyber Defence Slow Due to Generation Gap: U.S. Official

Military Dogs Saving Lives on Battlefield, Building Special Bonds with Soldiers

FBI: Russian Honeypot Tried To Sex Obama Cabinet Official -- That's something I haven't seen.

What a Difference Two Wars Make: No Battles Between Army, Guard And Reserve

Where are Investment Opportunities Going to Come From for Soldier Modernisation?

Dad Bitter Over Son's Friendly Fire Drone Death

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