Mar 25, 2012

Week in Review: Sunday Comics

The nation reacts to Trayvon Martin's death this week. Learning from the Straus Khan quick to judgement - I'm holding off my outrage until I know all the facts. I know that the cops didn't arrest or even charge the shooter George Zimmerman - which suggests that there's more to this situation than simple racism. But that didn't stop Mr. Obama from weighing in, saying Trayvon makes him think of his own children. I'm going to suggest rather than marching in a hoodie, folks should look at the facts. And let me add, in my own reverse thinking of the world - how come the country can come together and be outraged by a neighborhood watch shooter - but completely and totally ignore the killing of children on the South Side of Chicago every week? Just sayin'.

A world away, a different gun, French special forces soldiers shot and killed Mohamed Merah, who allegedly murdered seven people in three shootings that rattled France. The attacks seemed to be racially motivated — the victims included Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi, and Muslim paratroopers — and set off soul-searching over whether Nicolas Sarkozy and Co.'s anti-immigrant rhetoric was to blame, or just the shooter? Seems like that shooting would be worthy of a march? No?

Back to the States, and on to Mitt - who won in the Puerto Rico and Illinois GOP primaries, and got a thumbs up from Jeb Bush, Willard looked like he had finally been accepted to the party. But then an aide shook the board and it all went away (get it? Etch-a-Sketch joke!), which hurt because he's been dogged by charges of flip-flopping. Bonus for Etch-a-sketch sales, though.

SCOTUS will begin hearing arguments on the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare. Naturally, the Democrats have been talking up the benefits of their health-care overhaul, while Republicans are salivating over the possibility of seeing the crown jewel of the Democrat's taken behind the shed to be killed. It's 50/50 on how it's going to turn out -- but the result will be a decision on just how far the government's appendages can reach into it's citizen's lives.

Paul Ryan bothered to come up with a budget - to which the Democrats immediately took to shrieking at it... just like last year. Sure there's a shell game where the rich get wealthier and the poor continue to be poor - but at least SOMEONE recognizes that we're two or three days from being the EU - and the only thing preventing that from happening is the dead corpse of the EU blocking the drain hole. Wouldn't it be funny if this budget were to be taken seriously as a starting point for the two sides to come together and actually solve the country's problems rather than just being a talking point for the two sides to compete against? Somewhere the ghost of Tip O'Neil is holding his head in shame.

Hunger Games is a big deal and made fists of money - apparently dystopian sci-fi stories can sell to teenage girls. What? There Aren't there any vampires in this thing? Fairly sure I already saw this movie - it was called Series 7 (2001).

And Tebow visits New York this season. Prediction: benched before the 10th game. Jebus to blame. Meanwhile, the Bronco's think they've got it all sewed up with Peyton Manning, to which I would suggest that the rest of the team will have to learn a new scheme - which is complete and total surrender to their new 96 million dollar quarterback. Coaches too. Wonder how long he'll be standing? Me too. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he's benched before the 10th game too?

 Circle back and meet back up next week. Have a good one.

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