Mar 15, 2012

School Yard Foreign Policy

The US has told Russia to tell Iran that they only have one more chance - and then, POW! They're going to get it.
Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has asked Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov to warn Iran the negotiations represent a “last chance” to avoid military action, the Kommersant newspaper reported.“Hillary Clinton asked her Russian colleague to pass that thought on to the Iranian authorities, with whom Washington does not maintain its own relations,” a high-ranking foreign ministry source told the paper.   The source said there was a high likelihood of an attack "before the end of the year", adding: "The Israelis are, in essence, blackmailing [US president Barack] Obama. They are putting him in a difficult position: either he supports war or he himself will lose support.” There was no immediate response to the report from the US State Department.
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This is actual policy being played out like notes or secrets being passed along on the grade school asphalt. US, "Russia! You tell them, that I said, that's it, just one more time, and I'm not kidding around anymore... you tell 'em that!"

Russia walks across the kickball field. Lights a candy cigarette. Pulls Iran over from a game of HORSE.

"Dude, she's seriously getting pissed. You better lay off."

"I shall do no such thing! I have as much right as anyone on this playground to have a water balloon!"

"Look, I agree, but she thinks she owns the place, and, well, just keep pretending like she does, all right? Now just nod your head like you're agreeing with me, and let's just keep on keepin' on."

"She does not have the will to hit me..."

"You know that, I know that, I don't think she knows that. Now cool off, have a juice box and shut the hell up..."

"Yes, good friend, Russia..." (turns his head, and goes right to the water fountain to fill up his water balloon)

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