Mar 29, 2012

Dispair and Demotivational

It's funny, I found this on the interwebs - the original said "Summarization" and, while the grammar error added the hilarity of the ironic decline of the States - I decided it needed to be fixed. I also added a little flair to the banner - the Chinese translation of "For Lease" - at least, the google translate version of it.

It was enough to motivate me to fix that up, but then to motivate me more to try my personal best to try to be a better person and a better citizen. It's been a long couple months. There's more drama in my workplace than an entire season of Mad Men. At least they get to smoke and drink all day.

I'm actively campaigning against Rick "go on and google me" Santorum, because neither side takes him seriously - and that's a very dangerous position to stand on. If the entire nation thinks that one well timed SNL sketch or a fantastic John Stewart zinger is going to take him out - you're going to be in for a big surprise around 11:39 PM November 2nd. Here's my nightmare scenario. Romney has a lead but not the overwhelming delegate count going into the convention. The not-so-secret Romney/Paul alliance falls apart, and party leaders (the Bush Cabal, the Rothchilds, and Colonel Sanders) broker a deal for Santorum and Romney to kiss and make up on stage - think the Al and Tipper Gore kiss, but more tongue and even more awkward. Together the two of them take the rest of the general election cycle to knock on enough churches and retirement villages to make election day look like a George Romero picture. Obama voters, upset that their waiter hasn't checked on them or delivered their promises in a timely manner forget to vote or feign intrest by changing their Facebook status and putting Obama stickers on their Prius - they did their part. Then, right around 11:38 PM Central Standard Time, the CBS anchor de jour looks at the big board - and Ohio or Virginia starts blinking... then the anchor turns pale. Almost translucent. The number talies in a fantastical speed, as the color fills in on the 2 million dollar graphic machine. The anchor turns to the country and announces that the Romney Santorum Administration will be sworn in on January 21.

And I see it as if it's already happened.

Back to the picture - it's about as funny as this one: Liberty Tax Service

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