Mar 2, 2012

Conspiracy Against Conservatives

Andrew Breitbart dies of a massive heart attack. Rush Limbaugh gets a bomb sent to his house. Sheriff Joe Arpaio brings back the birther movement.

Looks like a Shakespeare play - or the Clinton Administration.

The conspiracy angle has already begun to get traction. Breitbart announced he had video of Mr. Obama in college. And they're juicy. I'm sure he figured if a ten year old sexual harassment complaint could knock out Cain - he'd play that game on Obama. It's not like it'll really be able to knock the folks in the bubble out -- whether you're for or against him, unless he's kicking kittens on the wall, how bad can it be? Is it going to make you vote differently on November 2nd?

Either way, there will be an autopsy since he died at age 43. That's scary enough.

Rush gets a bomb threat in his lawn, probably after being incensed that tax dollars are paying for some college kid's birth control pills. So, how does threatening to blow up the blowhard fuzzball help your cause?

Meantime, Sheriff Joe Arpaio came out and said the Obama full length birth certificate was a forgery - and he is immediately laughed off by the White House with teasing "X-Files" music on Twitter. Now if the Sheriff ends up in a ditch with his breaks cut, it might add some credence to the conspiracy against conservatives.

For me, it's the hypocritical nature of the left hand fringe - that celebrates the death of Breitbart and puts bombs (real or fake) on lawns because they're losing their argument? That's not cool. You're supposed to make jokes on John Stewart and laugh it all away.

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