Mar 14, 2012

Camera Cash Grab for Rahm

"Chicago's mayor is pushing to change red light cameras near schools and parks into speed cameras. Just about everybody sees it as a cash grab by the city. The Chicago Tribune has an article about how the expanded speed camera program would benefit Redflex, the company Greg Goldner, one of the mayor's long time political supporters, lobbies for. This is of merely local interest, but of wider interest in the article would be information about Goldner's astroturfing for Redflex around the country. Redflex is the sole financial supporter for the Traffic Safety Coalition, a 'grassroots' organization to promote more traffic camera usage and fight any attempts to restrict such cameras. Goldner has already successfully facilitated the killing of one anti-camera ballot measure in Texas."

And in LA, they shut theirs down - because they weren't generating enough revenue -- wait! What about the safety of the children?!


The accepted method in the UK is to loop an old tire over the camera, fill it with gasoline, and set fire to it.

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