Feb 5, 2012

The Week in Review

Hey everyone, I hope I'm not taking you from the pre-pre-pre-pre game. There's still only 8 hours until the new VW commercial.

Mitt won Nevada last night. This is news the same way it'll be a surprise when he takes Utah. Not a secret - there are a lot of Mormons in Nevada - including the President of the Senate, Harry Reid. I suppose the bigger news is how well he took Florida from Newt, despite his recent "I'm not concerned about the very poor" gaffe. The only number that means anything right now is "8", and plus a couple. Eight, or higher is where the unemployment number needs to be in November for Mr. Obama to lose his job. Otherwise, the Republicans can run around slapping paint and throwing cream pies at each other and it'll just look like cheap Vaudeville.

Did you hear about the Cancer charity that decided to not give to Planned Parenthood anymore? Yeah, about that -- the facts are irrelevant, the politics are worse, but the only take away you need to know is that the Mob on Facebook isn't well informed - they're just an angry mob. But they're an effective mob. I would say the lesson should have been learned with the SOPA fight, but it wasn't, so pink ribbons are now on notice. Me? I soured to that whole racket once they started suing any other charity who said, "for the cure." I'm not too impressed by companies that use their lawyers as a goon squad -- Hallmark vs. "Happy Birthday Song" and Apple vs. Everyone Else.

And, unintended consequence of this Komen public relation fiasco isn't who should be funding women's cancer screenings or providing abortions - it's going to be abortion. And that's teeing up to become a major topic in the Presidential race. Yep, not a single other issue out there to discuss, is there? "Abortions for some, tiny American flags for others."

Egypt blew up because of their over active soccer hooligans. For the record, the Egyptian soccer fans are worse than Lakers fans because Lakers fans only riot when they win a ring, unlike the Egyptians riot kind of like whenever there's a game. Does anyone have an excuse for a military crackdown on protesters and that pesky democracy movement? Anyone?

The second largest data mine set up an IPO this week. The funniest thing I kept hearing was "but how are they going to make any money?" Folks, this isn't Groupon! It's not the worlds loudest "two-fer-one coupon." Facebook has people telling it about themselves - all day long! I just don't see how could a marketer ever use that much personal information? And if you can't see that, then I have a Groupon for that IPO to sell you. To explain it, the graffiti artist who tagged the main Facebook office stands to make 200 million from this IPO. The best part of the story is that Mr. Hearst -er- Charles Foster Kane - er - Zuckerburg somehow conned everyone to give him the voting power in all the stock. The more stock that sells, the more power Zuckerburg gets. It's amazing! Does this guy have mind control over people?

And it's the greatest day in America - it's Boston vs New York in a protracted land battle interrupted by commercials with monkeys, cars, and beer. Don't think the commercials are important? How many regular season games did your wife watch with you this year? And when else during the regular season do the commercials get trailers?

One quick note - the VW ad with the dog and Darth Vader. First off - it's going back to the well. Second - the Cantina scene is absolute rubbish. Yeah, I said it. It's not the cute little kid in the real world, it's Vader coming down to Tatooine to force choke hold the ugly doctor in the bar. That's not funny - and it's probably cannon now. I actually heard the creative director of the agency - and exploiting the GenX'ers with Star Wars is easier than shooting babies in a barrel.... I may be paraphrasing the interview. But to prove his point - let me know how many GenX'ers already posted the Ferris Bueller Honda CRV commercial to their Facebook page?

Meantime have a nice non-religious all capitalist pigskin fest. See you here back tomorrow or next week.

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Cthulhu said...

Super Bowl Add. The best one ever was 2 chimps dancing with the mesage "We just wasted $2 million."

The TODAY show said that the VW commercial was brilliant. But it was 2 vastly dissimilar ideas. I still don't understabd what an exercising caninie has to do with a galactix conflict eons in the past. Yeah. How were they watching a commercial *from the future*.

And I loved watching the non-English speaking model saying "Buy pretty flowers, make your wife a wh**e."