Feb 2, 2012

The Set Up for the Fall of Kabul

At the end of a decade in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced that American forces would step back from a combat role there as early as mid-2013, more than a year before all American troops are scheduled to come home.

But, that may have to do more with the lack of funds than the idea of embracing Dr. Paul's mantra of ending the wars. It seems that the Pentagon will have to create a new strategy and new budget that will conform to the spending limits imposed upon them since no one has bothered to submit a budget in 3 years. 

In the meantime, less than a couple hours earlier than Panetta's presser, a leaked document secret report showed how thousands of Taliban prisoners viewed their plight - no doubt pissed off all of the NATO Commanders. Let's just say, the camel's back is hardly broken, despite all the talk of the contrary.

Afghanistan is going to fall faster and more spectacular than Saigon.

But, in the scheme of things, maybe having radical Taliban licking at the heels of the Iranians is a better strategy than keeping a permanent base there? I'm sure that brighter minds and top men have weighed the options and have come up with spectacular battle plans. Top men... 

...like Leon Panetta? 

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