Feb 3, 2012

Eric Holder Has To Go

U.S. Attorney General Eric "Head Stooge" Holder denied the Justice Department was impeding a Republican probe into Operation Fast and Furious, the botched gun-trafficking investigation in Arizona tied to the 2010 killing of a Border Patrol agent.

Answering questions about Fast and Furious before Congress for the sixth time in a year, Holder again told lawmakers he had not authorized the operation's controversial "gun-walking" tactics, which allowed illegal guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug traffickers without any way of tracking them. He called those tactics "unacceptable" and "stupid," and said he has issued a directive banning their future us.
Republicans [via proxy of the NRA] subjected Holder to withering criticism during the nearly four-hour hearing, with some lawmakers calling for his resignation. Others accused him of deliberately blocking the GOP-led probe.
"It appears we're being stonewalled," Dan Burton (R-Ind.) said while questioning Holder.

Not one person has been reprimanded since the 13 months this hit daylight. There have been six hearings because everytime he speaks to Congress, there's new things he forgot to forget last time he spoke. Where's the memos? Did he at least send flowers to the slain Border Agent that was killed by Eric's policy? And if it was all Bush's fault - where's that proof? The incompetency of the Attorney General is dangerous, not only to his President, but to the American People. He's gotta' go now.

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