Feb 9, 2012

Dear ClimateFaithers: Give Up

In an interview on Co.Exist, economist Gernot Wagner of the Environmental Defense Fund says just throw up your hands and give up. It's not worth it, because you're doing it all wrong.
Wagner: Environmentalists, all too often, think that the best way to go about solving the problem is to get everyone to do as they--we, I included--do. I don’t eat meat. I don’t drive. But individual do-gooderism won’t solve global warming.                  
And it may actually be counter-productive, for two reasons. First, there’s a well-documented psychological phenomenon called “single-action bias.” You do one thing, and you move on. You carry your groceries home by foot, in a cotton canvas bag, and you think that single act of environmental kindness makes up for other sins. 
Second, you spend all your energy thinking about these tiny things. Should you buy the local apples that have been stored for months in a cool house somewhere, or should you buy the fresh apple flown in from across the world? Or should you not buy apples at all when they are not in season and risk not getting enough vitamins?
You’d go positively crazy trying to figure out what to do, and you’d miss the big picture: That, at the end of the day, none of that really matters.

So what should we do? Oh, the typical Cap-n-Trade nonsense. Here's the rest on Co.Exist: Link

Me? I think I'm going to slaughter a cow and chop down a tree to cook it with.

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