Feb 24, 2012

Catch-Up with Cartoons

Gotta catch up a little here... so here's some comics

Rick "don't google me" Santorum is really surging.

Rumor has it that Ron Paul has made a deal with Romney so that Rand can be his VeeP. Need proof? Watch the latest debate again and tell me how often the two attacked each other? How many times did Paul attack Ricky? How many ads has Paul run against Rick? Oh, sure, pure speculation, of course.

 IF the Greeks take the latest bail out they'll be 120% over their budget, instead of their current 168%.

Hope and Unicorn game.Wonder when the US will recognize they're just as screwed as the EU, and Illinois is their Greece? Not anytime soon. Illinois is still promising unicorns and fairy dust.
 I love this cartoon, because it explains exactly what I've been repeating for years. Electric ain't green.

And there was some talk about John Glen's mission anniversary.  Funny, we found the cash to have a space program and the Great Society at the same time in the 60's. The successful one got cancelled. Maybe we should reconsider that one?

More later. Still coughing up phlegm, bile and other stuff. On the mend - hope to fling that phlegm bile and other stuff here instead. Talk soon.

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