Jan 25, 2012

Wha? You Can't Take a Joke?

The real estate in question
Jay Leno & NBC getting sued for libel over Mitt Romney joke

No, not by Romney - that'd be outright suicide. No it's wildly more stupid than that...
Leno had some goofy slide show and came to a location cited as Mitt Romney’s summer home — in reality an image of the Sikh holy shrine Golden Temple in Amritsar, India — it sparked a diplomatic incident. And now the religious, and apparently totally serious, lawsuit charging Leno and NBC with libel for claiming that a non-Sikh owned the holiest of holy temples.

Wonder if they were extra pissed that Mitt's a Mormon?

If I've understood the claim correctly, I see a lot more ridicule coming their way... Frankly, this whole situation makes me Sihk.

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