Jan 8, 2012

The Week In Review - Sunday Comics

 Welcome back, here's the week that was.

 An interesting week. Most offices were still closed for hangovers. Not a lot of actual work got done in most places.

Well, then there was Iowa...

Iowa - Romney eeked out a win by a whole 8 people. Rick "Don't google me" Santorum, unemployed ex-Senator from PA came out of no where to candidate de-jour. He's got the foreign policy of Bush (all Islams would be better off dead), a status-quo is good for my pocketbook domestic plan, and an enemies list that would make Nixon blush. Wonder how long he'll have the title anti-Romney? Hell, the dude keeps talking long enough, Romney will look darn near awesome in comparison.

Ron Paul? Yeah, he keeps getting kicked by the media and the Iowa voters. Even came across a story they might decide that Ron doesn't really need any delegates from Iowa at the National Convention. Is it me, or are they getting upset that Ron keeps rocking the row-boat?

Mr. Obama put the military on a diet. A half a trillion dollars less at the mess hall, but over the next 10 years (so, it's really 100 billion a year - which is meaningless). He'll have fewer soldiers in the Army and Marines - and they'll instead rely even more on drones, and more cyber-weapon hacker jockeys. Does this put the US in a post WWI standing, even while fighting Afghanistan and kicking the hornets nest of Iran? I guess we're going to have to sit back and stay tuned.

Meantime, the US Navy pulled off one of the coolest story I've read about in months - they saved a bunch of Iranian fishermen from pirates.

But 200,000 jobs were created in December. I guess there are a lot more Wal-Mart greeters during the holidays than I remembered? So that puts the unemployment quarterback rating down to 8.5 (which will be adjusted later, and lower, since these numbers are notoriously scrutinized and adjusted months after anyone cares) but more importantly the crest seems to have been 10 percent, and is slowly receding to the 7.8 that Mr. Bush left Mr. Obama when he ran out the door laughing.

The Syrian Civil War continues -- ever wonder where their no-fly zone is? The Arab League sat in their deck chairs watching the violence continue despite their stern finger shaking.

Mr. Obama appointed some folks when Congress wasn't in session. Meh. Not nearly as big a deal as Fast and Furious -- not like anyone actually reads the Constitution anymore anyway. Well, Ron Paul does. Oh, wait, isn't Mr. Obama a Constitutional Professor?

There's a new book coming out that says Mrs. Obama hated Rahm Emanuel and that Rahm's backhanded, backdoor deals to jam ObamaCare is what ruined the Obama Presidency. They're already writing the narrative to try to explain their failures? Just remember, Clinton and Reagan were in the EXACT same spot in the last days of their third year.

Kodak filed chapter 11, while the CES show is about to dump a pile of new shinny gadgets into your amazon wishlist for the next holiday season.

Oh, and I know who I will be voting for now...
See you next week.

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