Jan 19, 2012

Some News for Yous

Sen. Rand Paul pledges to Filibuster PIPA Legislation.

Meanwhile Ron Paul Introduced a bill today to remove the section regarding detention of American Citizens from the NDAA bill.

ABC to air dirty laundry tonight, Gingrich's ex wife: Newt asked for divorce (or open marriage) on night before giving a family values speech. The only reason this is airing tonight and not after the South Carolina primary is because Drudge leaked that ABC was sitting on it. I'm not sure how this counts as news - everyone knows this is the carry-on to the luggage that Newt's been lugging around on the campaign trail. I mean, what, so he wanted permission to have a little on the side? At least he asked first. He didn't, you know, actually father an illegitimate child while on the campaign trail -- or have an inappropriate flute solo from an intern the same age as his daughter. Oh, double standard. That's wha

Oh, and Rick Perry Dropped out of the race. Guess Jesus is less interested in the success of Rick and Tim Tebow's success than they both bargained for? 

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