Jan 4, 2012

Iowa Thins the Pack

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney  (Credit: AP)
In the odd chance you're reading it here first, last night Iowa hosted one of the closest candidate-selection races in US history. Rick (do a google image search) Santorum and Mitt Romney ran down-to-the-wire photo finish. Ex-Governor of Massachusetts stuck his tongue out and won by a virtual-tie margin of 8 votes.
That's 8 out of the 122,000 folks that turned out to vote. Don't tell me your vote doesn't count.

Ron Paul’s all-in campaign did not result in a win - as predicted here - but in fact, third. On the bright side, that's ahead of Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann, respectively. John Huntsman, who looked to the brilliance of Rudy Guliani's campaign -- not only spent all his time in New Hampshire, but openly mocked Iowa. Huntsman came in last.

Now that the dust has settled, Rick Perry said he would be returning to Texas to reassess his campaign, and Michele Bachmann’s campaign cancelled a trip to South Carolina, and her campaign manager hinted that she may quit.

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