Dec 1, 2011

Science Makes BOLD Progress! Good News, Everyone!

Researchers Study Possible Alternative to AIDS Vaccine

Oh, to think of a day when there's no more AIDS! Didn't think it was possible, and I always 
fantasized about some massive "AIDS DAY" orgy when the scourge of AIDS was finally eradicated! If you couldn't get laid on that day, you must really have some issues. To think that human trials may start soon? And that's not the end of today's great big news --

Genetic genocide: Genetically altered mosquito warriors could wipe out humanity's biggest killer

As if in the War in the Pacific Theater, suddenly there's hope and success in killing off the most annoying little pest on the planet. According to the article - Mosquitoes have killed more than half the humans that ever lived! Well slap a Hitler mustache on that little sucker! 

Now, since this IS Blasphemes you're reading - I must make a few observations as I get off the chair yelling and hollering just how great these scientists are - and how they should be worshiped on red carpets and on covers of magazines... 

First off, these two items happening simultaneously are good for Africa. Suddenly if malaria and Dengue fever are kept in check, and AIDS is eradicated like small pox - you'll have a stable place for humanity to thrive, finally, in Africa. Now, follow me a second here -- suddenly China isn't the cheapest place for human labor. Africa would be. Instead of exploiting resources - they'd open up as a market for purchasing manufactured goods, as well as making them. 

Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank, said Beijing had shown “strong interest” in proposals to set up manufacturing bases to help African countries achieve high growth paths similar to Asian ones.

"Help?", no, outsource! What's China going to do when they can't compete? They're going to do exactly what the States did - outsource to cheaper labor elsewhere.

Now there's also another issue to bring up - the unintended consequences. We're already at 7 Billion people. You take out the diseases that mosquitoes carry... you're going to take a very large chain link out of the natural cycle of life. Not just fish that eat the larve, but all the animals and humans that would have otherwise died because of a little vampire leaving a virus as a thank you note.

What do
you think's going to happen?

I say good riddance to bad viruses! I'll take my chances with the zombies and plagues.

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Phoenix Foundation said...

Meh. The world is probably doomed anyway. I welcome heading to Armageddon itch free.