Dec 14, 2011

Ron Paul to Take Iowa

I'm expecting a Paul win in Iowa, followed immediately by the victory being laughed off the corporate media screen the same way Huckabee was when he took Iowa in '08.
From Public Policy Poling: "There has been some major movement in the Republican Presidential race in Iowa over the last week, with what was a 9 point lead for Newt Gingrich now all the way down to a single point. Gingrich is at 22% to 21% for Paul with Mitt Romney at 16%, Michele Bachmann at 11%, Rick Perry at 9%, Rick Santorum at 8%, Jon Huntsman at 5%, and Gary Johnson at 1%."
These items are not being discussed, or at least are being teed up to be laughed off by the establishment. Karl Rove was overheard saying he expects that Ron Paul will, "likely over perform in Iowa." What, because of his good organization and grass root support? Excuse me, Karl, but isn't that what wins elections?

Then it'll be about New Hampshire.

The New Rasmussen poll, shows Paul up 5 points to 18% link, 3rd behind Romney at 33%. Ron Paul might (will) close in on Romney by the time the Iowa caucuses are running.

It will then be harder for the media to simply laugh it off, or create some fluff piece on the evening news, "Who Is this Ron Paul Guy?" You know, the one where they run to the mall and interview some morons who don't know where they parked their car, let alone who's running in the GOP Primary.

It's the double standard of Iowa doesn't mean anything.... or everything.... if you're Barack Obama.

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