Dec 9, 2011

Did the U.S. Senate Commit Treason by Passing NDAA?

"The US Senate accomplished the unthinkable–with the nearly unanimous passage of the National Defense Authorization Bill of 2012–they committed treason. Written and planned in secret by the Senate Armed Services Committee, the newly minted NDAA contains three sections which collectively sanctions indefinite detention of alleged terrorists or ‘terrorist sympathizers’–anywhere in the world including the US– and designates the military the duty to arrest, imprison and interrogate without benefit of counsel,’ accused civilians here on Main Street." From Jeanine Molloff via Silenced No More:
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Now, here's what's relevant... YOU MAY ALREADY BE A TERRORIST! Here is the whole document from homeland security (this is a link to the document on their site).

The short list to see if you are a potential terrorist includes if you are a member of or associated with the following: the aboveground, alternative media, anarchist extremist, animal rights extremist, antiabortion extremists, anti-immigration extremist, anti-technology extremist, Aryan prison gang member, black block, black nationalist, black power, black separatists, Christian Identity - or "God's Chosen People", Cuban Independence, white power, Racial Nordic Mysticism (no, really) ... well, let's put it this way - if you joined the PTA or have ever looked at the internet, you might be already be labeled as a terrorist -- and if the Senate gets its way, you can go to jail, bypassing the Constitution, and be held indefinitely.

How's your day going?

Book now for your lake view spot at the lovely new internment camp.

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