Nov 6, 2011

Week in Review

Ah what a week. Glad to see you made it. I see that Andy Rooney didn't.

Tony (Batting average .199) La Russa retired this week. La Russa ranks third in major league history in victories (2,728), trailing only Connie Mack (3,731) and John McGraw (2,763). Wonder if this puts Pujols in play? You bet. And La Russa will surely be inducted to Cooperstown, assuming he doesn't crash his SUV in another DUI on the way there.

Greece has been acting like Netflix...After months the E.U. finally approved a massive bailout of drunk uncle Greece — then Prime Minister George Papandreou threaten the deal by putting it up for a vote! A vote!? What do you think this is, a Democracy?! Since there's rioting in the streets and general strikes over the bailout's austerity measures among the Greeks (no, you can't retire at 50!), the Germans and the French were *fairly* sure it was going to die. Papandreou waffled - no, turned to cooked Filo dough, and now he's about to lose his job... just like everyone else. And if you came during the week, you'll note the real danger is Italy falling into the toilet drain, and saving Greece is the only chance to plug it up.

Herman Cain shrugs off some scandals. Three, last counted. So the Politico dusted off some 90's era politics (apparently forgetting that President Clinton actually got a blow job, instead of just asking for one or making a gesture) and the media was sure to knock Mr. Cain off the top of the manure pile of the GOP Presidential race. Oh, don't mention race... The scandal quickly warped into his inability to dodge these bullets. But then, after being hit, like Neo in the Matrix, he got up and started talking again! And people started giving him money! This doesn't make sense, said the pundits! But but... so the media is the bad guy?! Well, at least until one of the accusers comes out and explains exactly what was said, this is the first sex scandal that backfired (so far).

Occupy (finally) gets violent. When the otherwise peaceful movement in Oakland degenerated to London sized violence and vandalism, the police were more than ready to crack skulls. More than 100 people were arrested when the "general strike" tried to shut down the city. Funny, most of the stories and pictures I saw were from people working. Opps. The crowds took over a vacant building, broke some windows, tagged some stuff and set fires. Will the Occupy movement be corrupted by the actions in Oakland? How soon 'til it spreads within the entire organization? Police with itchy trigger fingers are waiting to find out. At the very least, any hope of purity and legitimacy has been smeared, especially in Oakland.

MF Global dies a horrible death. Jon Corzine, the hand of death, former Goldman Sachs CEO, former governor of NJ and now head of MF Global, has been fired from all three in a row.So he made a number of massive, ill-conceived bets on debt-burdened European nations? What? MF Global filed for Chapter 11 — the eighth-largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. Hey, Jon, maybe Netflix is hiring?

In keeping with the 90's retro week, Groupon offered an IPO, despite being millions, hundreds of millions in the red. But their stock still went 30% higher than it's first offer. Oh, maybe that's how they'll make money?

Kim Kardashian makes the case for Gay Marriage

Ron Paul won the Illinois Straw Poll. But you'll never hear about that. Here's the story

The Texas judge who whipped his daughter - gets a free pass. Apparently it there was a statute of limitations on beating your kids. This wasn't spanking - it was all out whipping. For downloading music illegally. Wonder what he'll do to her for posting the video without a release form?

Hope to see you here next week.

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