Nov 27, 2011

Week in Review Nov 27, 2011

Hope you had a pleasant holiday with the in-laws, and are excited to do it again in less than a month?

Here's what went down, in what was perceived as a "light" news week -- despite the liberal use of pepper spray at the mall. Obviously, pepper spray is the new meme for 2011.

So first up, there's a little war brewing in Pakistan. NATO forces, in a joint operation, crossed over the border. And then the Pakistani's shot at the NATO forces. Could have been serious or a misunderstanding, friendly fire, or simply a warning shot misinterpreted... either way, it didn't end well for the Pakistani's. Now new information has come to light that the NATO forces shot back in self defense.
According to the UK’s Guardian, Western officials have stated that the NATO air attack that allegedly killed 24 Pakistani soldiers was an act of self-defense. "…a more troubling explanation would be that insurgents in the area were operating under the nose of Pakistani security forces. 
Many Afghan officials believe Pakistan helps the Taliban with cross-border operations. Edrees Momand of the Afghan Border Police said that a US-Afghan force in the area near the Pakistani outposts detained several militants on Saturday morning. “I am not aware of the casualties on the other side of the border but those we have detained aren’t Afghan Taliban,” he said, implying they may have been Pakistani or other foreign national Taliban operating in Afghanistan. 
Pakistan’s consistent inconsistency has been a problem. MORE

Meantime - It looks like Germany is getting tired of hanging out with drunken socialists, and is starting to get a reputation... in other words, their latest bond offering didn't go well. MORE

ClimateGate II Electric Email Bugaboo has been released. It's real, and it's spectacular. The few that I kind of skimmed exposes their gross incompetence and inability to compete in an 8th grade science fair (how do I make a graph in Excel?)  more than any concentrated effort to make up Global Warming. That's more of a side project. Read for yourself, draw your own conclusions. Don't blame me if you end up agreeing with Rick Perry.  MEGA UPLOAD

The Room-Temperature War Update - The Iranians, specifically the ruling Mullahs, are trying to deny foreign involvement in the latest blast, suspicions have been raised in Iran by what industry experts say is a fivefold increase in explosions at refineries and gas pipelines since 2010. Can't show weakness, can't show weakness...  MORE

The White House called for Egypt's military to step aside for a democratically elected civilian government. Since they said "please" I'm sure it's already happening. Meanwhile in Syria, the government of President Bashar al-Assad ignored an Arab League deadline to accept observers to oversee a peace deal. Which means that the Arab League is as effective as the League of Nations? And in Yemen, heavy fighting between rival army units shook the capital of Sanaa on Friday, just days after President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to end his 33-year rule. When the shells fall from the sky... from an an-gar-y guy that's called a... Civil War. I'm sure that the United States will stay neutral and suspend their predator drone bombing campaign to allow the two factions to talk it out, right?

Oh, and Indiana Jones found another rock carved 1,300 years ago in Mexico, that 'confirms' the end of the world next year. MORE Pseudoscience or fact? Nevermind that sh*t, there's a sale at Penny's!  Where's my pepper spray?

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