Nov 30, 2011

Things I'm following today

Six Banks decided to let Greece and the rest of Europe keep drinking in their insanity. Oh! It's all over! The Eurozone is saved! Heh heh. No. get ready for a full fledged Depression, gang. Read more ....  and completely non related - the S&P downgraded dozens of banks.

Despite the pressure of the Arab League - Syria hasn't stopped beating their people.  

Go Get'em Joe Biden flies into Iraq. I'm guessing to take down the flag at the outpost before handing over Iraq to the Iranians? No wonder there was a suicide blast in the green zone today. Haven't been any since 2007.

And speaking of Iran...

Britain withdraws diplomats from Iran and to expel all Iranian diplomats the retro over their "student" retro-70's night embassy attack.
Norway closes their embassy in Iran after Brits attacked.  Because they're the only house still left on the block, or is it a show of solidarity? 

Back in the UK, strikes hit services as millions heed unions' call to fight pension cuts. Cuts? In a couple months you'll be fighting over table scraps. Re-read the top story!

And North Korea has been supplying Syria and Iran with prohibited nuclear technology, report says.

Meanwhile, there was almost another damn battle between NATO and Pakistan - luckily this one no one got hurt. That situation is going to get a lot worse before it improves. Wonder if this has anything to do with the clandestine killing of Osama, or just the constant whirring of the Predator drones picking off bad guys?

Oh, and then there's THIS:

definite military detention of citizens, on US soil, still in Pentagon spending bill.
"The enemy is all over the world. Here at home. And when people take up arms against the United States and [are] captured within the United States, why should we not be able to use our military and intelligence community to question that person as to what they know about enemy activity?" Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said. "
Yeah, we can wait to see if Mr. Obama vetoes it. Or we can let the ACLU take it to the SCOTUS... but jumpin' Christmas... how does anyone see this as a good idea? You would have thought we just lost a city... 

Want to see who voted for and against this amendment? 

Rand Paul sure stood up to the plate to fight against it. Where do the employees from your State stand?

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